20 Best Yellow Bedroom Ideas That'll Brighten and Enliven the Mood

By Vargas Grimard   February 14, 2021

If you’re tired of neutral tones and want to bring something different that pack lots of fun and energy, this sunshine yellow is the best answer. No matter if you’re planning to redecorate or finding inspiration for your master bedroom, guest room, or even kid’s bedroom, you’ll want to see these awesome inspo. Make sure that you take a good, hard look and steal the ideas of these 20 yellow bedrooms in today’s roundup. Shall we start? Let’s go!

Energize Your Kid’s Room

Yellow Bedroom Set for Teen Including Study Desk, Wardrobe, Cabinet, Shelves and Bedding

Let yellow energize your kid’s room. Scatter yellow throughout the space setting the visual flow right. This modern bedroom set features lots of storage spaces, such as wall-mounted shelves, underbed storage, and vertical bookcase. If you have a quite spacious room, incorporating study desk right next to the bed is good idea. Set up a cozy, inviting social space with a rug and comfy ottomans in case your kid’s friends come over.

Wrap Gray and Yellow in Luxury

Luxury Gray and Yellow Bedroom With Graphic Wallpaper, Dark Wood Floor, and Glam Ceiling Light

Create dynamic in your bedroom by covering your wall with graphic print. It sets a nice transition between the white ceiling and dark wood flooring. Gray is a good match to the yellow, so you’ll want to splash some like on the dresser, window treatment and bedside table. Luxury ceiling light finishes off the layout stunningly.

Create an Accent Wall

Yellow-Themed Bedroom Design Ideas With Black Accent Wall and Sunburst Décor

The black accent wall set a bold statement in this yellow bedroom. The sunburst mirror represents the same subtle patterns scattered all over the feature wall. Meanwhile, the blacks, yellows, and whites on the pillows and blankets strike playful pops of colors. The nature-inspired motifs on the bed balance out the otherwise energetic, fun environment.

Go All-In

Solid Yellow Bedroom Design With Repurposed Furniture, White Ceiling, and Wood Floor

If yellow is your favorite shade, why don’t you go all out? Cover the walls, furniture and bedding set with yellow. In case you have an old furniture, like a dresser for example, you can repurpose it as a tv stand and providing extra storage at the same time. Opt for a versatile white color for the ceiling and window treatment. The wooden flooring grounds the whole layout and brings in the warmth to the room.

Splash Patterns

Gray and Yellow Master Bedroom Ideas With Splash of Patterns

In this glam master bedroom, gray and yellow work hand in hand, creating a stylish, cool visual appearance. While grays are all over the room—window drapes and valances, pillows, tufted headboard and armless chairs, yellows play a key role by creating beautiful accents. Add unexpected feature by arranging a bed end bench with wooden legs, exuding a nice, warm nature feel.

Enliven Traditional Space

Traditional Bedroom With Pale Yellow and Gray Color Palette

If you think that regular yellow is too jarring, select pale yellow tone. This bedroom is a good example that this pastel shade can still bring fun and playful vibe when done right. Shades of gray found on the window treatment and bedding blend well without too overwhelming. The narrow wood table acts as a stand for décor pieces. Try adding personal touches by mounting iconic photo collage and metal art on the wall.

Incorporate Unique Shelving

Modern Yellow Bedroom With Black Accent Wall and Unique Wall Shelving

Wall shelving can be a statement too if you pick the right one. In this bedroom, the unique bookshelves expand the white study desk and are stretched along the black accent wall, providing a nice display for décor objects, personal collections, or books. The white, yellow, and gray stripes right next to the feature wall strike fun, playful juxtapose. Keep the bedding nice and simple for a sense of spacious room.

Pop Vibrant Hues

Soft Yellow Bedroom Ideas With Pops of Vibrant Colors

In a rather neutral space, adding pops of vibrant hues will be a nice addition. This bedroom features pale yellow-painted walls setting the right background to highlight other tones. Splash of teal found in leather upholstered chair, glass candle holder, and throw pillow produce chic, eye-catchy visual intrigue. The floral patterns on the window create catchy, unexpected treatment. Don’t forget to slide in some side tables for extra storage and provide surface space for décor pieces and table lamps.

Set Up Seating Area

Pastel Gray and Yellow Bedroom Design With Plenty Seating Area

If you think that pastel colors isn’t the right choice for a nice, cozy bedroom, you should see this one. The pale yellow and green make a soothing, tranquil sensation, you’ll want to have a lazy day in this room. The best part? There are so many sitting area in this space that makes this room not only a place to have a good rest, but also to gather with friends or for other activities.

Kid-Friendly Design

Modern White and Yellow Bedroom Design for Teen Boys With Creative Gallery Wall, Study Desk Set and Sophisticated Lighting

Encourage your kids’ creativity by covering the wall in yellow and white. The chalkboard wall is an excellent addition too since it offers a perfect medium for your kids to show off their skill and creative minds. Add personal touch by displaying the results of your kids’ drawing or just hang quirky décor. Bring in natural hints by setting up a desk and low-height table made of wood material. We personally love the natural lighting peeking from the ceiling, exuding a cool, laidback atmosphere to the this modern space.

Adapt French-Country Design

French-Country Style Yellow Bedroom Ideas Featuring Canopy Bed

The picture above will show you that yellow is a versatile color, it even fit in a traditional bedroom. The pale shade on the wall set lighten the room and set a nice backdrop. The canopy curtain with floral patterns is an understated feature, flaunting strong timeless feels. Pick window blinds with same motifs with the canopy for a sense a cohesive layout while enhancing privacy at the same time. The brass chandelier and sconces warm the room with elegance and sophistications.

Airy and Cozy

Airy and Cozy White and Yellow Bedroom Design With Leaner Vanity Mirror and Comfy Seating

Splash of yellow liven up this already cozy and airy room. With abundance of natural light coming from the window, the yellow color stands out easily. The bright, crisp white color helps to reflect the light, resulting in a spacious room packed with full of energy. Break up the two-toned dominance by introducing bold black like a table lamp. A leaner makeup mirror, fluffy sheepskin chairs strike casual, approachable, and laidback atmosphere.

Arrange Cheerful Furnishings

Cheerful Yellow Bedroom Design With Colorful Storage, Bedding, and Study Desk Set

This colorful bedroom is like a dream come true for every children in this world. It is packed with layers of vibrant, playful pastel tones, such as yellow, orange, green, and red. Opt for bunk bed if you have 2 children, so they can share the fun together. You’ll want to adopt the separate shelving unit for each kid, so they can learn to be responsible and organize their own stuff since the early days. The white painted brick wall breaks up the otherwise high-spirited room, adding a more calming balance without being too overpowering.

Include Floral Patterns

Traditional Yellow Bedroom With Splash of Floral Patterns

Add elements of beauty in this soothing, serene traditional bedroom by adapting floral patterns. The flower print drapes and pillows highlight the already strong timeless appearance. The upholstered chair in the corner strikes element of coziness just right. Place a bed lamp on the side table for extra warmth and calming vibe.

Make It Eclectic

Eclectic Yellow Bedroom Design With Decorative Flowers, Sunburst Mirror, and Work Space

Play with colors, textures, and patterns to balance out things, just like this bedroom. While the yellow-painted walls act as an empty canvas, introduce colorful elements like framed arts and graphic print bed frame to add fun. Nature-inspired elements—work desk and chair, padded bed end stools, wood flooring—ground the entire space gracefully. Arrange layers of light fixtures for added coziness and comfort.

Get a Custom Headboard

Comfy Yellow-Toned Bedroom Design With Bespoke Headboard

Expand your headboard for a bold statement. Make it a special enclosure for the bed and side tables, complete with cozy bed lamps with the same finishes as the room theme (yellow, obviously). Layers plush pillows and throws, flank the bed with antique bedside tables, and mount artful décor on the wall to create a timeless, vintage-inspired bedroom. Combine nature’s hints for a down-to-earth feels with green furnishings, such as upholstered armless chair and quirky bed end bench.

Be Bold With Black Furniture

Yellow-Themed Bedroom Ideas With Black Furniture Accents

Select bold accents in a neutral room to add stark contrast. In this small, gray & yellow themed bedroom, the black painted bed frame and headboard along with pitch black bookcase take the spotlight easily without being too much. Put bright bed lamps on each side of the bed to lighten the mood, while the floral pattern on the blanket and pillow add a sense of beauty.

Opt for Luxury

Deluxe Master Bedroom Design With Comfy Gray and Yellow Bedding Set

The combination of yellow and gray surprisingly blends well when it comes to bringing the luxury side of a bedroom. The texture and patterns in this fancy bed set make things even better. The white-painted French-Country-inspired side table emphasize the traditional elegance even further. The wooden flooring and fluffy area rug simultaneously grounds the whole layout with its comfort and charm.

Cute and Colorful Décor

Cute Colorful Yellow Bedroom Ideas for Girls With Rainbow Blanket and Flower Décor

For parents with active, fun-loving young girls out there, take cues from this colorful, small bedroom. The bright yellow-painted walls as well as the colorful wall décor set the happy, joyful atmosphere throughout the room. The white sleigh bed with rainbow bedding are what your girls want to have in their bedroom. Don’t stop there, spread the happiness all around by choosing purple to cover the window.

Don’t Be Afraid of Unique Seating

Casual Bedroom Design With Yellow Undertone Featuring Quirky Hand-Shaped Bean Bag

A yellow bedroom doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Add an unexpected feature by bringing in this whimsical hand-shaped bean bag for extra seating. The fingers part can double as a place to hang clothes or hats. Turn the awkward space, like the corner of the room, into life simply by putting a mini bed lighting and décor pieces.

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