17 Best White Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Every Room Style in 2021

By Vargas Grimard   February 8, 2021

Whether you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom or just finding for some fresh inspirations, you should really consider incorporating the famed white tone into the room. While there’s so much beautiful designs with other vibrant hues, subtle colors, or a mixture of them, you should never neglect the hidden power of this bright tone. Today, we’ve gathered 17 inspirational white bathroom cabinet designs to get you inspired. From modern to traditional style, monochrome or mix-and-match, narrow or large size, and a whole lot more. Explore each one of the beautiful photos below, you might find the one that perfect for your bathroom.

Double Sink and Large Mirror

White Vanity Cabinet for Bathroom With Double Sink and Large Mirror

In this crisp, bright modern bathroom, the homeowner takes the right decision to incorporate white vanity cabinet. It blends really well with the overall layout. The white theme creates a sense of larger space, and it provides a high level of comfort at the same time. Decorate your vanity with flower centerpiece to add a little nature’s touch.

French-Country Influence

White-Painted Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in French Country Style With Copper Faucet

Classic theme lovers will certainly appreciate this French-Country-influenced furniture piece. The traditional hand-carving is a welcome feature coupled with unique door handles, a perfect addition for a master bathroom. Install copper fixture, like faucet, and place bath accessories to complete the outstanding look.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in White Finish With Shaker Door and Double Mirrors

Going for the farmhouse style? Why not? In fact, this design style has proven to stand the test of time. This white-colored cabinet features shaker doors, twin sinks and mirrors, and warm lighting. Install a towel bar on the side wall right next to it for easier access.

Opt for Minimalist Design

Minimalist White Cabinet for Bathroom With 3 Storage Drawers

If you’re on the minimalism side, you’re gonna love this simple, mini vanity cabinet in white finish. Packed with 3 drawers with clean lines, it guarantees a bathroom or powder room with organized stuff and clutter-free space. You can create a nice background to create a balance using subtle hues, such as pink, just like in the picture above.

Freestanding and Traditional

Minimalist Simple White Bathroom Cabinet With Rattan Storage Also White Shade And Tree Painting

The beauty of black and white color scheme shall prevail. This free standing vanity cabinet really is a nice addition to your bathroom. Introduce traditional atmosphere with the louver door panels. Opt for black countertop to create a striking contrast and add drama.

Install It on the Corner

Corner Black and White Bathroom Cabinet With Storage Tower, Medicine Cabinet, and Towel Hanger

A corner vanity cabinet is a great solution for limited room space, just like the picture above. The monochrome palette goes really well. The white tiles on the wall and backsplash make a lovely contrast with black towels and framed arts. For a corner storage, it features abundant storage space, such as medicine cabinet, drawers, towel tower, and wall-mounted towel hanger. With this kind of setup, a cluttered bathroom is just the day of the past.

Double Sinks and Mirrors

Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in Black and White With Shaker Doors and Double Mirrors and Sinks

Double sinks and mirrors allow 2 people to use the vanity at the same time. The color pick is spot on, black and white is the safest bet for homeowners. Meanwhile, the mosaic flooring in monochrome resonates what we see on the cabinet, creating a harmonious design.

Get a Medicine Cabinet

Simple Bathroom Medicine Cabinet in White Finish With Mirror and Open Shelves

Even if you don’t have to install any medicine cabinet, it is quite handy and functional. You should consider to get one, especially for a small bathroom. You can de-clutter and organize your personal essentials behind the mirror. Meanwhile, the additional open shelves allow you to store and grab stuff effortlessly.

Slide In a Rattan Basket

Free Standing White Bathroom Vanity Cabinet With Raised Panel Doors and Rattan Basket

This free standing white cabinet really is a good solution add storage space while saving space. The raised panel doors let you clean the floor easily. Place a rattan basket right next to it to keep dirty towels. The striking contrast between the two is an unexpected, yet appealing combo. It’s going to fit for any room style, by the way.

Timeless Black and White

Black and White Bathroom Free Standing Vanity Cabinet With Wall Towel Hanger

Traditional, black and white, and a beautiful rose décor. A simple and stylish approach that you will surely want to recreate at your home. The picture above shows you that you can stay humble while displaying elegance. We simply love it!

Add Mini Baskets

White Painted Medicine Cabinet for Bathroom With Whitewashed Mini Storage Baskets

Just like the previous medicine cabinet, there’s nothing different, really. It works as intended, i.e. store medicine and bath essentials, obviously. However, a couple of rattan baskets are a nice addition to keep your stuff from falling easily. Consider it as a little upgrade from the last one.

Put Decorative Floral

Traditional Free Standing Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in White Finish With Porcelain Sink

This white vanity cabinet boasts simple and tidy design. The lower cabinet comes with 2 door panels with sufficient storage space for the occupants. Introduce a beautiful contrast by playing with vibrant colors. Placing a flower décor in metallic vase is a pleasant addition.

Flank the Shower Room

Double Full Wall White Cabinet for Bathroom Flanking Corner Glass Shower Room

If you have a spacious bathroom, why not go all in? This picture is great example. Flank the corner glass shower room with identical full wall storage cabinet. With such huge amount of storage space, you will never have to worry how you would organize your bathroom necessities. Placing greenery on the countertop produces a refreshing vibe.

Try Granite Countertop

Modern Bathroom Cabinet Design in White Finish With Granite Countertop

This bright bathroom cabinet boasts twin mirrors and sinks, complete with makeup vanity set at right end side. A luxury touch comes from the granite countertop. You will surely take your time cleaning yourself or doing makeup in style. Create a sense of balance inside this modern room by arranging beautiful flower décor.

Try Luxury Cabinet

Luxury Full Wall White Cabinet for Bathroom With Towel Storage Tower

You can associate white cabinet with luxury if you know how. Take a good look at this bathroom design. The full wall cabinet packs lots of storage space, including a huge, vertical towel tower at the left side. The marble wall and backsplash serve as a nice background to the whole layout. The bathtub is strategically build next to the window, creating a second-to-none bath experience.

Arrange Over the Toilet Cabinet

White-Colored Bathroom Cabinet Over the Toilet With Glass Door, Drawers, and Shelf

You will want to consider to get an over the toilet cabinet for your bathroom or powder room. While it’s great to provide storage space, it allows for easy access to bath essentials for the occupants. Also, you can steal the idea of a beautiful contrast by applying wallpaper in darker tones. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it?

Hang Warm Lighting

Glam White-Painted Bathroom Vanity Cabinet With Warm Lighting and Shaker Doors

Build a glam bathroom yourself by incorporating a nice, warm lighting above the cabinet. Just like the image above, the luxury lighting, chandelier and wall sconces, sets the tone right. The combination of white tone and warm illumination produces a perfect ambiance for a cozy and relaxing bathing time.

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