15 Mirrored Bedside Table Ideas That'll Add Elegance and Style to Your Bedroom

By Vargas Grimard   February 10, 2021

Whether you’re considering for a whole room renovation, finding new furniture piece, or just looking for fresh inspiration, look no further. You’re in the right place. Every bedroom needs storage furniture pieces to keep things clean and clutter-free for a maximal, cozy sleep. In this case, mirrored tables can come to the rescue. Other than providing an easy extra storage space, you can easily turn this piece into a stylish décor object or statement. Regardless of room style—modern, traditional, luxury, rustic, or farmhouse— you will simply reap tons of benefits from its existence. We have compiled 15 best mirrored bedside table designs that will infuse unique character into your interior design game.

Antique Details

Mini Mirrored Bedside Table With 2 Drawers and Antique Details

This mirrored table is both functional and chic. The top surface can be used to place necessities or decorative items. To keep your surroundings clutter-free, two drawers are there for easy storage. We also love the engrave details all over its legs, bringing the sensation of elegance and timeless.

Opt for Monochrome

Tiny Mirror Bedside Table in Monochrome With Single Drawer

This table will add a minimal edge into your master bedroom while still looking stylish at the same time. The black top is handy for easier reach for your personal belongings. A mini drawer is there to stow away your private stuff. The black-painted curved legs infuse traditional flair to the otherwise modern piece. If the budget allows, you can pair it with the same dark bed frame for a cohesive look.

Get a Simple Design

Simple Mirrored Bedside Table Design With Single Drawer

This slim, sleek furniture piece is the answer for those seeking an ultra-modern table. It’s a perfect addition for a room with minimalism in mind. The sleek, stiff design flaunts grittier contemporary look and feel. The black lines over the edges is an understated feature.

Choose a Stylish Chest

Stylish Mirrored Chest Bedside Table With 3 Drawers and Ring Pulls

This chest table is a great example of modern and traditional mix. It is packed with three functional drawers, very handy to store bigger stuff, like pajamas, towels, or everyday essentials. Place decorative objects or bed lamps on top of it. Slide one or two right next to your bed, and you’ll see how it can easily elevate your room’s design.

Medium-Sized Mirror Bedside Table Single Drawer and Cabinet

Medium-Sized Mirror Bedside Table Single Drawer and Cabinet

Mini-sized pieces aside, this mirrored storage furniture offers an ample storage space. Starting from the top, you can arrange fresh floral décor, books, or reading light. The drawer provides a nice storage for personal stuff. The cabinet at the lowest part helps you to stow away even bigger items, resulting in free-of-clutter bed. The angled cross accent and ring pulls are a nice adornment for the eyes to see.

Double Down on Vintage

Twin Vintage Mirrored Bedside Table With 2 Drawers and Wooden Legs

These dual bedside storage table can be great statements and showstoppers. The design is such an eye-candy. The double drawers ensure maximum storage space for both sides of the bed. The tabletop can act as additional storage space or to display personal décor, which can add a personalized touch for the bedroom. The dark wood legs ground the table, and can easily serve as beautiful, natural hints.

Introduce French-Country Influence

French-Country Style Bedside Table With Mirrored Drawers

The traditional design lovers will certainly appreciate this table in their bedrooms. The mirrored drawers come with appealing swirl accents, exuding strong timeless, country vibe. The muted metal paint frames and finishes off the design beautifully.

Try Ultra Minimalist

Ultra Minimalist Bedside Table Design With Bevel Mirror

This cube table is an absolute no-brainer for those who want to achieve super minimal bedroom design. The no legs design, glass knobs, dark lines all over it make this storage unit an understated beauty. The bevel mirror on the front creates a nice frame and the design together.

Add Golden Edges

Silver Vignette Mirrored Bedside Table Design With Gilded Edges

If you want a timeless, stylish bedroom, arrange this storage unit next to your bed. When it comes to on-trend, functional design, this furniture piece is an absolute winner. This silver surface along with natural stone texture resembles natural feels. The golden frames make nice accents that every homeowner will appreciate.

Pop Attractive Décor

Modern Full-Mirror Bedside Table Design With Decorative Pieces

You can add a personalized touch by placing iconic framed family pictures on top of a bedside table—i.e. your happy wedding day for example. Take your décor game a little further with fresh, colorful floral décor. Pop of vibrant colors is certainly a welcome feature to create an energizing interior vibe.

Show Off Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern Bedside Table With Mirrored Drawers and Dark Wood Frame

A cube-shaped storage table like this is a nice addition for your bedroom. This unit comes with mirrored drawers. The different drawer’s size allow for a more organized storage, so you will spend less time finding your everyday needs. Even if its body is not fully covered with mirror, the designer took the right decision by opting wood frames. The dark stained wood makes it stand out effortlessly.

Highlight the Patterns

Chic Mirrored Bedside Table Design With Decorative Patterns

What we love from this sleek, modern bedside storage table is the accents and details. The clean black lines strike nice accents. The stained floral patterns on each drawers along with the glass pulls make a stylish design. You can slide this right next to your bed, or you can angle it in the corner to turn that empty space into a showstopper spot.

Add Vintage Chic With White Tone

Vintage Mirrored Bedside Table Design With White Finish and One Drawer

This table piece will strike balance to any colorful bedrooms. Packed with single storage drawer, it features white paint color all over its frames, resulting in a modest, neutral tone. The carved details on the edges are simply nice additions. The designer compensate the minimal design with extra storage shelf at the bottom, allowing you to organize bed items or cute decorative pieces.

Luxury Table

Luxury Bedside Table Design With Mirrored Cabinet

A mirrored storage unit is the simplest way to turn an ordinary bedroom into a cozy, deluxe personal sanctuary. This table is an excellent example. The mirrored door panels with geometric lines guarantees enough storage room to hide clutter and extras. The top surface provides enough space to put decorative items such as beautiful bed lamp, quirky statue, or framed arts. Experience a relaxed, cozy sleep as if you’re in a five-star hotel.

Embrace Monochrome Elegance

Monochrome-Themed Mirrored Table for Bedroom With One Drawer, Storage Cabinet, and Ring Pulls

Monochrome pieces is the fire sure way to add a gothic touch to your bedroom. This table features sleek black frames with geometrical shapes. For maximum storage capacity, the designer incorporates a spacious cabinets at the lower half and a drawer at the upper part. The ring handles adorn this table, creating a timeless, elegant design that will easily turn it into a strong statement in the room.

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A night owl who has a keen interest about anything home décor and interior design. When he's not writing, you can find him at his coffee shop.
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