7 Ways to Build and Improve Emotional Intimacy in a Relationship

Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy is considered the deepest level of connection in a romantic relationship. There are many benefits to gain once you and your partner achieve such intimacy. Having emotional safety and strong connection are some of them. Also, you will be more confident in overcoming challenges in the relationship.

Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to establish emotional intimacy with their partner naturally. If you are one of those people, the following ways can serve as a good starter.

  1. Love yourself first

To build emotional intimacy in the relationship, one of the great ways to start is by loving yourself first. If you struggle with self-loathing or feel unsure of yourself, clear them away. Sure, it’s easier said than done and may take time for some people. However, you need to keep in mind that you’ll be easier to be emotionally intimate with someone once you connect emotionally with yourself.

  1. Identify each other’s emotional needs

Every individual has different emotional needs, which depend on their mental and psychological development. Therefore, when you want to have emotional intimacy with your partner, one of the first things to do is identifying each other’s emotional needs.

Emotional needs are expressed in many forms. Some of them include the need to be heard, touched, considered, encouraged, nurtured, accepted, understood, and forgiven. You and your partner surely have different needs and priorities. For this reason, don’t hesitate to talk about your relationship to find and identify your emotional needs together.

  1. Trust your partner with your life

Emotional intimacy can be achieved when both partners in the relationship trust each other wholeheartedly. By having trust and faith in each other, both you and your partner will be able to get through anything that comes in your relationship, especially in tough or challenging times.

You can start developing trust in your partner by telling them all of your secrets, and vice versa. Telling secrets can also make your relationship feel closer and more intimate. Once you’re honest with each other and don’t have anything to hide, you will be more comfortable to share your emotional thoughts and feelings anytime.

  1. Spend a meaningful quality time

You and your partner may have different works and activities daily, and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, at the end of the day, what both of you need to develop emotional intimacy is a meaningful quality time when you can check on and talk about each other.

Find activities that can deepen your connection while focusing on your emotional needs as a person. A date night, when you sit together but still check your phones for emails or messages won’t necessarily improve your emotional intimacy. Instead, try to do meaningful activities that will keep you and your partner involved, such as cooking meals together, eating ice creams, cleaning the house, or taking a quick trip to the other side of the city.

  1. Engage in small talks

In addition to occasional quality time, you can reach emotional intimacy by engaging in frequent small talks. Try to have small talks with your partner whenever and wherever you can. Talk about your plans for the day during breakfast, comment on current events when you watch the news, share your opinion about books and movies; those kinds of things can be considered small talks that you can have every day.

Many relationship experts believe that romantic partners who often engage in small talks have a higher level of emotional intimacy. Frequent small talks can also help you get closer to each other, so you can share your deeper thoughts, feelings, dreams, and even fears.

  1. Express praise and appreciation

If you aim to achieve emotional intimacy in the relationship, you shouldn’t focus on your partner’s flaws. Instead, try to find the nice things they have while you accept their imperfection. Be grateful for any good thing in your partner by showing them your praise and appreciation.

Don’t hesitate to express your appreciation every time you enjoy your partner’s kindness or a nice gesture. A simple ‘thank you’ whenever your partner does nice things for you will do. Once you appreciate each other, you will be easier to connect on a deeper emotional level.

  1. Always be there for your partner

Being available for your partner will increase the intimacy in your relationship. Try to be there at every moment, not only because of your partner needs but also because you can. In your spare time, you can offer your partner to accompany them anywhere. Alternatively, you can make your presence felt by preparing their favorite meals or sitting with them when watching their favorite shows.

Your presence should also be counted in every event of your partners, whether it is good or bad. By being there for your loved ones, you can always share each other’s feelings; you can express excitement when they are excited or show your sympathy when they are in sorrow.

Seven steps mentioned above are some of the many ways that can help you build and improve emotional intimacy in your relationship. Looking at the benefits of being emotionally intimate with your partner, those steps are surely worth-trying for both of you.

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