Charismatic Personality: Definition, Elements, and Character Traits

Charismatic Personality

World leaders, celebrities, and public figures are often referred to as charismatic people. They have special powers and abilities that make the crowds admire or look up to them. They also serve as some general examples of people with a charismatic personality. What does it mean, and what is the characteristic that describes people as charismatic? You can find out the answers by reading the rest of this article.

What is a Charismatic Personality?

To define the term ‘charismatic personality’ more easily, you can trace back to its root word, ‘charisma’. Charisma refers to a special power that can attract others’ attention and admiration. Based on this definition, charismatic describes some people who have charisma; that particular power that can be used to influence others.

Going further from the lexical meaning, charismatic personality is defined by psychological terms as certain traits or qualities that show emotional and social prowess. Those qualities are specifically exceptional, making charismatic people different from common personalities. They behave with confidence but can make those around them feel comfortable at the same time.

The Primary Elements of Charismatic Personality

Charismatic personality consists of three main aspects, which include social and emotional skills. Those aspects play an important role in achieving interpersonal connection and effective communication with other people. Here are the primary elements that serve as the foundations of this personality.

· Expressiveness

The first aspect of charismatic personality is expressiveness, both emotionally and socially. Those who possess the personality traits of a charismatic person are usually easier to express their feelings and emotions. When drenched in happiness, they will lighten up the mood of others. Conversely, people will notice when the charismatic person in the room feels irritated.

In terms of social context, charismatic people are typically defined as excellent conversationalists. Their ability to engage in social interaction is highly outstanding. Also, they are known to be a good public speaker whose words can influence and affect other people.

· Control

In relation to the first one, the second aspect of charismatic personality deals with social and emotional control. Although charismatic people are expressive of their feeling, they can control it when engaging in social interaction. They can show the proper emotional display while behaving in poise and confidence.

· Sensitivity

Next on the list of charismatic aspect is emotional and social sensitivity. This aspect is associated with the ability to read other people’s emotions as well as interpret the particular situation. Having a high level of sensitivity will allow charismatic people to connect with others. They are also able to find the most suitable manners or responses to handle particular circumstances.

Character Traits that Reflect Charismatic Personality

People with charismatic personality will show several particular traits or attributes. In general, their behaviors are easy to identify when they are in public or interacting with others. The following are five-character traits that reflect the personality of the charismatic people.

1. Act with Confidence

Charismatic people are filled with self-worth and confidence from within. They believe in their knowledge, skills, and abilities, but it doesn’t make them turn into a narcissistic person. Instead, these qualities motivate charismatic people to act confidently wherever they go. They can also spread confidence to other people around them.

2. Speak Eloquently

When it’s time for them to speak, charismatic people say the words eloquently: clear and easy to understand by others. The clarity doesn’t only apply to the voice tone and level, but also the words’ purpose and objective. Also, people with charismatic personality tend to avoid ambiguous words or phrases as well as unnecessary interjections.

3. Listen Attentively

Another excellent trait of charismatic people is their ability to be a good listener. When engaging others in conversation, people with charismatic personality will show undivided attention to them. Most of the time, they also ask questions related to the topic of conversation.

4. Express Charming Body Language

Besides being an excellent speaker and listener, charismatic people let their body speak the proper language. From charming smile to reassuring eye contact, they do all of them genuinely without overdoing anything. Besides, they are always open, approachable, and gracious when walking or greeting others with a handshake.

5. Show Empathy

Charismatic people constantly share others’ feelings by showing empathy. Instead of being jealous, they are thrilled when hearing about someone’s happiness or success story. Additionally, they can comfort others during a hard or challenging time. Either good or bad, people with a high charisma can genuinely feel others’ feelings and know exactly how to respond to them.

In conclusion, charismatic personality shows several superior qualities, behaviors, and characteristics that are needed to produce positive effects on others. Although this personality is usually attributed to leaders, influencers, or respective members of society, there’s no limit for anyone—including you—to have and maintain the traits of charismatic people.

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