18 Best Bedroom Dresser Ideas to Effortlessly Decorate in Every Style

By Vargas Grimard   February 16, 2021

Selecting the right storage solution for your cloths and linen in a bedroom is a challenging task. It’s even more difficult when you include design preference into consideration. With so much options available in the market, it can get overwhelming easily. Fortunately, we have compiled 18 chic bedroom dressers that not only functional, but also visually pleasing. Whether you have modern, traditional, coastal, rustic, or industrial room, you’ll like the collection below. Go ahead and see inspirational photos and get inspired!

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Dresser for Master Bedroom

Embrace the nature feel and bring it inside your room. This full wood piece is perfect for understated features. With tons of drawers, it ensures you an ample of storage room for your daily essentials. Put decorative objects on top of it with pop colors to strike balance. The wooden grains and texture is a welcome accent.

Opt for Pitch Black Color

Sleek Black Master Bedroom Dresser With Metal Bar Handle and Mirror

This black furniture piece exudes an intimate, masculine look. The designer took an interesting approach by making it asymmetrical design-wise, offering unexpected shape accent. The vertical mirror allows you to see a full body reflection, very handy when you need to make sure that your outfit spot on. Not to mention the black frame that create an impression of a cohesive look. The silvery hardware finishes off the design beautifully.

Embellish With Antique Hardware

Solid Wood Bedroom Dresser With Antique Hardware

Achieve a more traditional look by incorporating this solid wood dresser into your bedroom. The curved base combined with antique handles and knobs are all it takes to display a timeless, warm appearance.

Victorian Style

Victorian Wooden Bedroom Dresser With 8 Drawers, Ring Handles, and Curvy Design

This storage piece is great choice for those looking for both statement furniture with functionality. The 8 drawers allow you to hide clutter in an organized manner. The wide top provides lots of storage space for décor pieces, table lamps, books, or other things. The almost-heart-shaped ring hardware gives nice accents for the eyes to see.

Try White Finishes

White-Painted Bedroom Dresser With Black Knobs

When in doubt, white is the way to go, like this one. This dresser sports full-white finishes all over its body. The drawers come in different sizes, letting you to keep things organized ordered by the size. Add personalized touches by putting family pictures, traditional ceramic table lamps, and greenery. Mount a wall mirror just above it. Opt for engraved mirror frame to add unique accents.

Get Luxury Mirrored Drawers

Luxury Dresser Design for Master Bedroom With Mirrored Drawers and Whitewashed Finish

This dresser is an excellent option for a deluxe bedroom. The designer chose to incorporate mirrored drawers to embellish this storage unit, which is a cool feature that allows you to clear clutter in the most stylish way. A high quality vase decor and candle holders are the elegant way to decorate this furnishing. A mirror hung above it resonates pretty well with the drawers, adding a refined visual flow.

Dark & Sleek Finishes

Sleek Bedroom Dresser Design With Matching Wall-Mounted Framed Mirror and Decorative Flowers

This sleek dresser comes with deep brown finish. Judging by its size, you will have no problem organizing and keeping things neat and tidy in your bedroom. You can be creative by putting floral decor or essentials on top of it. Pair it with a wall-mount mirror with same frame finish, creating a nice color flow. Complement with a white background to create a balance.

Set Up a French-Country Dresser

French-Country Bedroom Dresser Design in White Finish

Display your fine taste with this French-Country-influenced dresser. The bright, crisp white color set the tone right, showcasing traditional elegance without any hassle. The complex handle design, carved mirror frame, glass table lamp along with brass accents helps to emphasize the strong, timeless design. White floral channels the vibrant hue beautifully, breathing fresh air and sense of nature.

Go for Modern Minimalist Design

Modern Minimalist White Bedroom Dresser With Wall-Mounted Mirror

If you’re more on the modern side with minimalism in mind, take cue from this storage unit. The combination of vibrant white, clean lines, and glossy finish will easily dazzle everyone in the room. The asymmetrical design produces a welcome twist from design stand point. Complement it with a mirror for added functionality. Put decorative objects with high contrast—such as black vases—to add visual intrigue.

Get a Whitewashed One

Whitewashed Solid Wood Dresser for Master Bedroom With 9 Drawers and Unique Mirror

Embrace modesty, timeless, down-to-earth design by incorporating this dresser. The combination of wood and whitewashed finishes result in a warm, and approachable design. This unit is versatile enough for almost every room type, or you can make it as unexpected statement that everyone in the house will surely appreciate. A somewhat large mirror on top allows you inspect your appearance while enabling you to reach your stored items easily at the same time.


Freestanding Bedroom Dresser Design With 4 Drawers

If square footage is an issue, then you will have to narrow down your choice to a more space-saving storage solution. This freestanding dresser is the option. You can still maintain a clutter-free bedroom without sacrificing much of the available space. Its compact size will benefit you with easy maintenance and arrangement. If you live in a quite small apartment, we do recommend this.

Get a Furniture Set With the Same Color (White)

Elegant 5 Piece White Bedroom Set With Dresser, Side Table, Tufted Bedding, and Ottoman

If you don’t to experiment much you bedroom, white-colored furnishings are the safest way. This room showcases a 5-piece bedroom set with same white tone. From tufted bed, tufted ottoman, bedside table, and corner chest of drawers. The dresser is a perfect spot to place flower decor or other personal items. Together with subtle gray walls and rich natural light coming from the glass wall, you can easily create an airy, cozy personal sanctuary.

Contemporary Dresser

Contemporary Bedroom Dresser Design With Four Drawers and Appealing Wood Texture

Lend your bedroom a modern edge by featuring this piece. The elongated shape ensures sufficient storage space to clear any clutter. The minimal design with clean lines boasts strong structure. We especially love the wood texture all over its body, displaying hints of nature that bring warmth to the entire space.

White and Modern

Modern White Bedroom Dresser With 6 Drawers

If you have a dark-themed bedroom, introduce an unexpected surprise by arranging a white-colored storage piece. This way, you encourage playful color mix-and-match while still providing functional space to hide personal stuff. Utilize the top surface as a stage to display personal collections, such as framed family photos or arts.

Decorate With Chrome Accents

Dark-Finished Wood Bedroom Dresser With Chrome Accents

If you want to add a touch of elegance and intimate interior, this dresser is the right one for you. The dark-finished wood texture along with metallic accents strike masculine appeal with modern twist. Since this furniture boasts strong manly appearance, it will be a great addition to any man cave.

Masculine Black

Solid Black-Painted Bedroom Dresser With Nightstand and Matching Bed Lamp

This solid muted black dresser radiates a cool, mysterious, and masculine appearance. The designer chose minimal design with clean lines, which is great. Extend the dark appearance with additional nightstand with same finishes. If you don’t want to experiment much with the colors, you can simply choose black decorative objects and glass lamp with black shades, resulting in strong character for the space.

Highlight Unique Form

Modern High Gloss White Bedroom Dresser With Unique, Asymmetric Design

Show off your quirky side by getting this modern bedroom set with high gloss white finish. The asymmetric design flaunts playful, creative aesthetic while still maintaining stylish, versatile look and feel. The zigzagging stacked drawers redefines stowing clothes and linens away in the most elegant way. Scatter black pieces to strike visual intrigue—i.e. candle holders and wall arts. Meanwhile, the black shag rug anchors the room perfectly with appealing contrast.

Be Elegant With Royal Blue

Royal Blue Bedroom Dresser Design With Mirror

Save your kids bedroom from being dull with this 4-piece royal blue bedroom set. The crisp white wall and dark wood floor set a perfect stage for colorful pieces. You will never have to worry about cluttered, messy room ever again with so much storage space available. The dresser combines drawers—to hide personal stuff—and open shelves—to display decor or to store frequently used items for easier reach.

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