20 Bathroom Window Treatments Ideas You'll Want to Recreate at Your Home

By Vargas Grimard   February 9, 2021

The window is just like the wall, it’s a blank canvas waiting for someone fill it with creativity. And, that’s what we’re going to do today. If you left it empty without any embellishment, it’s a waste of space with so much potential to add beautiful accents, personalized touches, or appealing decorations—especially the bathroom. Whether you’re planning for an upgrade, looking for inspirations, or building a new bathroom, you should really consider what kind of treatments should you get before making any decision. Here, we’re presenting you with 20 bathroom window treatment inspirations that not only will elevate your room’s design, but also provide much needed privacy when someone’s in it. Let’s take a look at our recommendations below.

Roman Shades

White Roman Shade Window Treatment for Modern Bathroom

The white roman shades blends very well in this crisp, white bathroom. With a slightly bigger dimension than the window, it ensures privacy for the occupants. Combine it with frosted glass window, and you have extra privacy from preying eyes.

Privacy Blinds for Bay Windows

Slide Down Privacy Bay Window Treatment Ideas for Luxury Bathroom

This sliding blinds are perfect option for bay windows. You can easily switch from full-privacy protection (without fully blocking outside view, you can still view your surroundings) and normal window view. Window treatment aside, this bathroom truly exudes traditional elegance. The clawfoot tub, chandelier, bench, and laid down tray, all create a relaxed, timeless bath without being too overwhelming.

Window Shutters

Window Shutter Design for Corner Bathroom Window Covering

This is a perfect example if you have corner windows and want to have extra privacy. The shutters are just the best window covering solution that’ll protect you while bathing in the otherwise romantic jacuzzi. The candles and lanterns scattered around create a warm feeling. You can place a rattan chair for extra seating or to keep linens.

Bamboo Shades

Natural Fiber Roman Shades for Down-to-Earth Bathroom Window Covering

Bring the outside inside by installing this natural fiber shades. This bathroom design showcases a beautiful balance between nature and metal elements. The shades and wooden wall provides a relaxed, cozy feeling, while the metal tub and cabinet induce a contemporary vibe. The unique hanging light ties everything together.

Do It Yourself

Window Shutter and Trim Valance Combo

DIY lovers are going to love this window treatment. For people with limited budget, combining a window shutter along with a simple trim valance is the way to go. To add a bit more punch, make sure to choose a hi-contrast tone, just like shown in the picture.

Luxury Drapes

Luxury Drapes Window Treatment for a Romantic Bathroom Vibe

Romantic elegance and extra privacy is all you’ll find in this bathroom. The homeowner takes the right step by installing floral drapes in dark tones to add drama to the stiff blinds. Romantic candles are placed strategically next to the tub to add warmth. Meanwhile, the hanging light with beautiful leaf shades over the tub steals the show effortlessly.

Pleated Valances

Pleated Traditional Valance and Window Shutter Combo

If you don’t know how to decorate a window with blinds, you can steal this idea. The pleated valance sporting traditional patterns really adds drama to the bland window. A mini metal table with beautiful details is a great décor touch that provide extra storage surface and character to the otherwise awkward corner.

Stitch a Cute Accent

DIY Bathroom Window Treatment With Privacy Shade and Cute Accent

Here is a budget-friendly window treatment inspo. Just put a white linen on the window, and stitch a cute, colorful fabric to create an easy-to-spot accent. We simply love this!

Embrace Whimsical Patterns

Window Covering Ideas With Whimsical Patterns Design for Luxury Bathroom

From the tub, shower room, flooring, and wall, the marble managed to turn this bathroom into a luxury space. To add dynamic, the designer decides to introduce quirky-patterned window dressing. And, it turns out great! The lighting and the wall and ceiling set the tone right with lovely, subtle warmth.

Make a Graceful Color Transition

Floral Valance in Fuchsia Window Treatment Ideas

The valance is the game changer here. The floral window treatment in fuchsia tone creates a beautiful transition vertically, resulting in an eye-catchy layout. The awkward spot is turned into a cozy nook, thanks to the lighting over the tub. Who wants to recreate this creative nook at home? Count me in.

Shabby Chic Curtains

Shabby Chic Curtain Panel Window Treatment in Cottage Bathroom

The transparent curtains in this room easily adds shabby-chicness in this room. It makes the panoramic outside view even better. Meanwhile, the distressed wood wall, clawfoot tub and vintage makeup vanity set define a strong traditional atmosphere. The floral rug in the middle grounded the room perfectly.

Invest in Automatic Covering

Top Down Bottom Up Shades Window Treatment

When you have a corner tub, privacy is going to be the number one issue. Sitting right next to large windows will raise a comfort issue. This machine-powered top-down bottom-up shades is one of the best options. This window treatment offers extra privacy with a simple click. Now, you can unwind in comfort after a hard day’s work.

Pair Darker Tones With Bamboo Shades

Bamboo Shade Window Treatment for Dark-Themed Bathroom

Add touches of nature in a dark-colored bathroom by installing a bamboo shade. It works efficiently to reduce the light while providing trendy décor. The small wood stool serves double duty. It adds extra storage surface for extras or extra seating.

Bespoke Arched Shutter

Bespoke Arched Window Shutter - Window Covering Ideas

The arc window shutter adds personality and drama in this luxury bath. You can have a bath session this room in style with this kind of setting. The fireplace installed behind the tub is an unexpected feature, offering warmth to the entire room. Create an intimate vibe by placing romantic candles and beautiful floral.

Hang Loosely

Commercial Bathroom Window Treatments Also Brown Curtains And Corner Tub

There’s an easy way to save a dull corner flanked by windows. You simply hang window valances, and there you go — A nice looking spot rather than an awkward a lifeless corner. The stripe patterns add depth and dimension effortlessly. Hang an art on the wall to create a lovely transition.

Pale Green Shades

Pale Green Shades Window Treatment

Here’s another fine example how you can utilize bathroom corners in a creative way. Build a bathtub there, flank it with windows for natural source of light, and lay down a rug to protect you from falling down caused by slippery floor. When it comes to privacy, window shades come to the rescue.

Pick Bolder Colors

Black Shades With Light Pink Stripe Accents - Window Treatment Inspo

This bathroom flaunts a cheerful, chic flair thanks to the subtle color palette. The soft pink paint color all over the wall set the background right. The best part? A window nook was built for extra seating, whether you want to see the outside, or just want to relax a bit, that’s certainly a welcome feature. Meanwhile, dark-toned shades with pink stripes accents blend in very well, resulting in a cohesive interior.

DIY Valances

DIY Window Valance Arrangement - Window Treatment Inspiration

For those who are not ready for a long-term design commitment, the above window treatment can be a good example. You just simply hang a valance loosely on a rod above the window. Just make sure that it want fall off easily. That’s it. A simple, stylish window décor to create an unexpected feature. Place family portraits along the window sill for a personalized touch.

Purple Blinds

Roll Up Pleated Blind in Purple Finish Window Treatment for Bathroom

A stark contrast is always an exciting feature for every room, especially in a bright white bathroom. Opt for violet window blinds that can serve as décor accents and contribute to extra privacy for the occupants.

Play With Mini Shutters

Folding Mini Privacy Shutter Bathroom Window Treatment

This bathroom is packed with unexpected window treatment. The slim, vertical window shutter incredibly fits with the whole room theme. The same white color found on the toilet and towels creates a color consistency. Hang a few framed arts to add personality. Window stuff aside, the subtle hues used on the wall is a remarkable choice. The light gray takes the upper wall while the stripe patterns help to add depth and cheerful scene without being too overwhelming.

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