Ponte en su piel

And change the life of people with Albinism in África

Ponte en su piel

Supporting people with albinism in Africa
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Ponte en su piel is an initiative to support people with albinism all across Africa to improve their quality of life through programs that guarantee their right to health and a decent life. Promoted by Africa Directo Foundation, the “Ponte en su piel” campaign was born with the aim of supporting and contributing to the expansion of the projects that the Beyond Suncare Association carries out in Africa to prevent skin cancer and promote the social inclusion of people with albinism in Africa.
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In 2011, África Directo, under the leadership of Mafalda Soto in Tanzania, supported the start of a small production of photoprotectors in the third reference hospital in the country. The initiative aroused international interest, allowing rapid growth of it. In 2017 Mafalda Soto founded Beyond Suncare together with a team of international experts from the fields of dermatology, cosmetics and human rights. Since then, the Beyond Suncare organization has focused on the development and expansion of a package of socio-health services to improve the quality of life of people with albinism in Africa.
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Photoprotection & education

This service includes the local production of the first sunscreen specially designed for the prevention of skin cancer in people with albinism in Africa. Its high quality formula has been carefully designed to the reality and characteristics of this vulnerable group. Regular distribution of the sunscreen to the most remote regions is guaranteed through mobile clinics, schools and local platforms. Beyond Suncare emphasizes awareness and education directed not only to beneficiaries but to the community at a whole. The organization works with albinism associations and health professionals whom we train to assume responsibility of the programs.
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Quality seal

More than 3,500 beneficiaries in 4 African countries have improved their lives thanks to the Beyond Suncare service package, which has technical support from reference laboratories such as RNB, Fridda-Dorsch and the world leading chemical company BASF. The program has been presented at numerous international conferences such as the World Congress on Skin Cancer (Edinburgh 2014) and the International Conference on Photoprotection (London 2015). It has also received numerous national and international recognitions and awards. In 2017, the service model developed by Beyond Suncare was chosen “Best Practice” by the United Nations.

Albinism in Africa

Get to know the challenges that the albino population faces in Africa
One sunscreen saves hundreds of lives in Africa.

Due to genetic factors, people with albinism partially or totally lack the capacity to produce melanin, this affects the pigmentation of the skin, eyes and hair, making them extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. People with albinism suffer from vision problems and are prone to developing skin cancer. In addition to the physical challenges they face, people with albinism in sub-Saharan Africa are socially discriminated against and rejected. In some countries such as Malawi or Tanzania the situation is radicalized since superstitions consider them as a source of income to perform black magic, for which they are killed and mutilated. Official sources have recorded 211 murders in sub-Saharan Africa since 2007 and almost 400 attacks including rapes, disappearances, mutilations, kidnappings, and desecration of graves. Their appearance and the superstitions around them make it difficult for them to access education, forcing them to work in low-paid and outdoor activities. This contributes to extreme sun exposure that causes skin cancer to appear at very young ages. Less than 10% will live beyond the age of 30 and only 2% will exceed 40. Access to treatment is very limited due to the limited resources of people with albinism, the precariousness of services and the shortage of health professionals.

  • 30 years

    Is their live expectancy

  • 1/2000

    Albinism rate in Tanzania

  • 100%

    Develops stages of skin cancer before the age of 20

  • 4000

    Beneficiaries that we aim to reach with your help

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